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Accessibility Statement

To ensure that TextbookHub meets the needs of all readers, we are continuously working on adding and improving accessibility features. 

Learn about the features that are currently available and what is in the works

  • Navigate with clear icons and color contrast in the Reader Menu
  • Enable Read Aloud when highlighting text on page
  • Choose from two layout options: single-page or double-page view
  • Highlight text by choosing the color that works the best for you
  • Easily magnify any text on the page
  • Turn pages with your keyboard (Laptop and Desktop)   

Our Values and Commitment

Our developers and designers are committed to making our product experience accessible, particularly in the areas of education and eBooks. We are focused on expanding our understanding, our design and our features around the following principles:

  • User controls and personalization
  • Colors and contrast
  • Text layout and fonts, including WCAG-compliant font selection
  • Screen reader compatibility, such as JAWS and NVDA

Our team is working to enhance the reading experience by adding more content control features. With these features, users will be able to choose background color, text color, line height and margins, as well as font size and have access to a WCAG-compliant font selection.